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Leadership Development

Sage & Summit Consulting offers a number of Leadership Training and Development Programs. We work with you to develop leadership skills that will support your business’s values and culture.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

We uncover the root cause of your organization’s frustration with an incisive methodology & customize a sustainable solution that includes implementation and post-implementation support.

Executive Coaching

Confidential, individually-tailored engagement designed to meet the needs both of the executive being coached and the organization paying for the service.

Leadership Training Is Beneficial At All Levels of Business

Where do you spend most of your time? Working on your business or in your business?
Need to improve operations, build a progressive culture or foster positive leadership?
Are low productivity, negativity & disengagement hurting your bottom line?

Do you know that government grants for small business training are available?

Certified To Administer ProfileXT® Personality Assessment, Sales Assessment, Team Assessments, Job Profiling, Candidate Profiling, And Targeted Interview, Coaching And Development Assessments..
Marderé Birkill

Marderé Birkill

CEO & Principal Consultant

Who We Are
Marderé Birkill is one of Edmonton’s most experienced and qualified business management consultants, whose qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa, as well as Executive Coaching Certifications from York University and the Centre of Executive Coaching. With her 25 years of leadership, adult education, and consulting experience in private and public organizations, it is safe to say that Marderé is well equipped to resolve any business’ challenges. Marderé’s consulting firm Sage & Summit Consulting is focused on leadership training, professional development, producing high performance teams, strategic planning, and creating effective governance/organizational structures.

Some of our awesome clients

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What our clients say

I received leadership coaching by Mardere Birkill at Sage and Summit Consulting. Mardere is very professional, yet, has a way of making one feel at home. Upon completion of my session, I had learnt ways and strategies to improve my performance at work and reach my goals to become the best I can be within my career. I left feeling empowered and ready to put what I learnt into action. I Highly recommend Sage and Summit.

Tamlyn Sacrey

I had the privilege of working with Marderé at a conference in Sarasota Florida. I utilized her as an executive coach to further explore the development of a coaching niche. Her coaching was impeccable, and I was able to find a viable opportunity I had not explored. Moreover, she was able to insure I held myself accountable for the steps that I needed to take to launch my new product. It was a wonderful experience for me and will without a doubt improve my business. I highly recommend Mardere as a coach and vouch for her skills and experience.


Dr. Michael D. Ikona

It is an absolute delight to work with Marderé. As a coach and advisor to leaders, she brings an incredible range of skills, methods, and tools. She has a robust toolkit to help organizations improve performance and results at all levels. In addition, she is extremely insightful, helping leaders think about problems in new ways and find better solutions than they would working within their organizations or on their own. She is diplomatic in her approach, which allows her to work in complex organizations, including those with lots of politics in play. Her style is also engaging, enthusiastic, and positive. On a side note, she is an excellent public speaker should your organization have needs in addition to coaching, consulting, and facilitation. I have had the opportunity to observe Mardere in a variety of challenging coaching situations and she has gotten results with many different types of leaders and managers, working through a variety of urgent and important leadership challenges. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director / Leading executive, leadership, and business coach training organization

Mardere's leadership coaching skills are exemplary. Her positive energy, approachable demeanor, seemingly endless creativity and intellectual horsepower have made it possible for me to move new levels quickly and effectively. Mardere's coaching is decidedly client-focused which creates an independent growth capability void of reliance on the coach; an important factor for me. Recommending Mardere is an easy choice.

Evan Hendry

Your presentation today was excellent and informative. Look forward to more future meetings.



Thanks to Marderé Birkill for a wonderfully thoughtful and inspiring presentation to Smoky Lake entrepreneurs and supporters.

Cathy Goulety

I had my first meeting with them (Sage & Summit) on Wednesday. Absolutely amazing! I got so much out of one meeting and had my expectations exceeded that I can't wait to go back. Very professional and extremely helpful. I asked a few of their clients before I went as a background check and they all said the same thing I am. Highly recommended.


I have had the pleasure of working with Marderé Birkill, the owner of Sage and Summit for quite some time now. I am receiving personal coaching from her and have also recommended a number of clients over to her program. During this time, Mardere has been very professional. She has helped me in more ways than I can count. Feedback from other Business owners has been the same. She listens and helps you to really understand what you need in order to take your business to the next level. She holds you accountable which for me is important. Her level of integrity is something you don't find often anymore.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting personal or professional growth.

Bianca Cooper

In observing Mardere’s coaching style it was both intuitive and smart. I found her engaging, insightful to work with and her leadership style draws you in and keeps you on point. She is an outstanding coach and consultant. Mardere’ would be an asset for any organization or individual looking to “up their game!” I highly recommend her.

Liz Benson

If you are looking for a public speaker to engage your company with real life guidance for success and growth look no further than Marderé Birkill at Sage & Summit Consulting.


Wayne Ward, Wave Mason Media Inc.

I benefited greatly from hiring Marderé, who helped strengthen my focus by helping me create a clearer plan for my 23-year-old business. As well, I feel like I have a reliable business coach that I can return to at any time for further help and questions. I would highly recommend Sage & Summit and I would say in working with Marderé that I found a knowledgeable professional with an impressive sense of understanding and purpose.


Jack Born


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