Executive Coaching

Stronger leaders, stronger teams

Strong leadership is essential for your organization’s success. It impacts employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Executive coaching is a powerful catalyst for change and growth. It requires a trustworthy coach with the right credentials and experience.

Over the past 10 years, we have coached newly promoted executives at all levels, from Fortune 500 to small business. We are here to help you and your organization achieve your greatest goals.

A message from Marderé

Why Executive Coaching? Why now?

With today’s exponential rate of change, increased complexity, and challenging environment, leaders need to be more grounded than ever. Our executive coaching focuses on shaping your authentic grounded leadership persona, so that you can drive sustainable performance and results.

Coaching Client Voices

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Going beyond conventional standards​

Sage & Summit executive coaching programs go beyond conventional standards by incorporating technology, psychology of change and transition, leading research and practice of leadership coaching and development, and the theories of adult development, NLP, Neuro Mindfulness and systems thinking.

Stronger leadership presence

Build a congruent leadership identity, gravitas, enhanced communication skills and grounded presence to increase influence and trust.

Enhanced self-awareness

 Work with your strengths and weakness, blind spots, and talents to build stronger relationships and alliances.

Clarity and confidence

Clear the noisy thoughts in your head. Gaining objective perspectives from coaching will strengthen your clarity and decision-making processes. It will help you bring decisions to your organization with confidence.

Reduced stress

Executive coaching helps to build strategies to reduce stress and maintain balance and well-being. It also helps you navigate difficult conversations and conflict effectively.

Executive Coaching Packages

The Newly Promoted Exec:

The journey starts with an assessment and leadership identity formation. From there we co-create your journey to where you need to be.

Targeted topic coaching:

We take a focused approach to work on topics such as communication, conflict, clarity, or confidence, or preparing for a promotion.

Corporate coaching package:

Corporate coaching package Companies that need executive coaching support for several leaders, to achieve a diverse range of outcomes

When it comes to helping newly promoted senior leaders succeed, we know that building trust and leveraging time are critical. Without it, leaders are often feeling overwhelmed and isolated, frustrated, and anxious

Let sage & summit help you unlock your potential, Gain clarity and achieve your goals.