Essentials Program



This transformative leadership development program is designed to cultivate a profound sense of leadership identity among participants. Moving beyond traditional skills, it embeds leadership into the very core of an individual’s being. Participants will explore and define their unique leadership style, purpose, and impact, culminating in creating a personal leadership manifesto. The curriculum includes practical strategies for building strong relationships, enhancing communication, fostering trust, and ensuring team psychological safety. Additionally, it addresses the challenges of leading in a VUCAH world, enhancing adaptability, and promoting a coaching culture that sparks innovation and critical thinking. This holistic approach ensures that leaders excel in their current roles and evolve to meet future challenges effectively.


Double guessing self / Imposter Syndrome
Confident leadership presence
Overwhelmed and time poor
Grounded with a healthy work/life balance
Focus on results only
Creating sustainable results and engaged employees.
Creating fear of consequences
Create a safe space for risk
Solving all the problems, giving all the answers
Supporting others to solve & prevent problems


The leadership development program is meticulously designed to transform participants from viewing leadership as merely a role to embodying it as a core aspect of their identity. Here are five distinct benefits for learners:

  1. Development of a Personal Leadership Identity: Participants will craft their unique leadership purpose, identity, and brand, allowing them to define their authentic style and philosophy. This personal groundwork empowers leaders to enact their vision and values consistently across all aspects of their professional lives.
  2. Impactful Leadership Manifesto: Learners commit to a defined impact on their environment by articulating a leadership manifesto that guides their decisions and actions. This manifesto is a personal constitution that aligns their daily actions with their long-term goals.
  3. Enhanced Relationship Building: The program focuses on the skills necessary for forging strong, positive relationships within any organizational context. Participants learn to navigate and influence their social and professional networks by understanding and applying principles of trust, psychological safety, and situational communication. 
  4. Adaptability in Complex Environments: In today’s VUCAH (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, and Hyperconnected) world, adaptability is crucial. The program equips leaders with the skills to manage change, foster innovation, and think critically, ensuring they can lead confidently through uncertainty.
  5. Fostering a Coaching Culture: Learners will gain the tools to nurture a coaching culture within their teams, promoting continuous personal and professional growth. This includes strategies for leading productive meetings, creating clarity, and directing focus toward developmental opportunities and creative problem-solving. 

Each benefit is designed to deeply ingrain leadership in the learner’s identity, enhancing their effectiveness and fulfillment in their roles.



DELIVERY METHOD – BLENDED: 24 (4 x 6) hour in-person or online learning sessions complemented by 12 hours of self-study online.


Marderé Birkill, MBL, CEC, PCC. Marderé has over 3,000 hours of professional leadership coaching and is an experienced adult educator and learning facilitator. 


FORMAT A: $2,750 per participant. (8 – 25 participants)
FORMAT B: $4,000 per participant (8 – 25 participants, includes 5 individual coaching sessions )


Online/printed workbooks and learning materials, and a leadership assessment. 




Moving from leadership is a job I do to leadership is part of who I am.

  • My unique leadership identity, purpose & brand.
  • My intended impact on the world.
  • \My leadership manifesto.

Learn the ropes of leading and managing the most difficult person you will ever lead – yourself. 

  • Self-management, motivation, and grounding.
  • Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Emotional regulation 

Based on my leadership manifesto and the context of my current role and organization, the skills and commitment to build positive relationships with and within my team:

  • Leadership communication and influence, managing different personality styles.
  • The anatomy of trust and psychological safety – build, foster, and protect it.
    Situational leadership – appropriate communication approaches for various
  • Navigating conflict from two perspectives: from the sideline and being in conflict.

Flexing my adaptability muscles to lead effectively in a VUCAH world:

  • Creating clarity and direction
  • Productive meetings
  • Change management
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Critical thinking in grey areas

Foundations of building sustainable high-value teams.

  • Delegation and accountability
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Basic Coaching skills to Engage, empower, and build capacity.


  1. This program is eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant or other provincial equivalent in Canada. The program supports “soft-skill” development costs and will refund 2/3 of the program cost.
  2. We understand that leadership practices must be compatible with the organization’s purpose, values / desired culture. Therefore, we spend time with you beforehand to adapt and adjust our content to support your desired culture.
  3. Many companies have a well-defined leadership skill structure. If your company has such a structure, we will incorporate that into our prework to support the development of your emerging leaders toward that structure or in line with the leadership skillset you desire. 
  4. Sage & Summit would like to follow the actualization of the participants’ new and improved skills as they grow. We will follow up with the participants and their relevant supervisors at strategic touch points during the program and 3 and 6 months afterward to gain insights into what changes and leading practices continued to impact your leaders and teams. 
  5. Our training always includes a leadership style/communication style assessment. If your organization currently uses an assessment and we may access your insights, we can replace that component with a different value-added element for the participants. Alternatively, you can choose from a menu of assessments for the program. 
  6. This program is adaptable and customizable. We developed the core content focusing on preparing managers to become effective leaders in a VUCAH world. If you believe any additional leadership and management aspects would benefit your team, please do not hesitate to discuss them. We love talking about leadership!