You are always on the podium

Leaders are very visible. That aspect of leadership comes with some advantages, and of course a few challengers. Being on the podium, the entire orchestra and the audience read your signals for meaning – what are we doing, how are we doing it, and what can we expect.

In organizational leadership, being on the podium, the focal point of your visibility disseminates verbal and non-verbal messaging all the time, you are leading by example, and your team and stakeholders derive meaning and context from every move and nuance.

Tough spot? Right?

Being effective on the podium requires 3 aspects of your leadership to be well defined and developed.

1.    Your executive presence

Executive presence is made up of several qualities and skills – it’s the ability to take command of a room, assume a leadership role in various scenarios and circumstances, share your thoughts with confidence, present grace under pressure, and strike a balance between talking and listening such that your communication style is engaging, persuasive and impactful.

2.    Your message

Understanding you are the message and you communicate the message is crucial. Your words and actions should be in sync, always. An executive makes strategic decisions, communicates them, shares the vision, and creates meaning from  words, action, and unconscious expressions. Strong leaders have a high level of self-awareness and self-control, as well as situational awareness and control – the elements of a high EQ.

3.    Your example

The true interpretation of the business’s culture is derived from the leader’s examples. If you are dissatisfied with the culture, take a hard look in the mirror – how are you creating the culture you dislike, what is your contribution? A leader is to act in accordance with the company values and culture. It is importance to act with the utmost consequence, and step into full character on the podium.

Leadership means out front and visible – that’s the job. Make sure your leadership identity and corporate values align because you need to live them naturally when you live them all day every day.