Speak to Inspire Your Team – Get Buy-in and Action

We deliver our best and most sustained effort when we are driven by our hearts. As a leader, when you speak to the hearts and minds of your audience you give them a reason to take action in support of the vision you present.

Hearts and minds are smart; they know when something, or someone is authentic or just putting on a show.  So, if you want to gain the benefits of drawing an emotional response out of others, the emotion needs to come from within you. Your heart is what is driving you to the vision or change that you want to share with your team, so your job is to understand your own thoughts and feelings and share them with others.

Google “Feelings Wheel”, or “Emotions Wheel” to find an array of images that can help you define your emotions in a concise manner.  To pull these strong feelings into a message, consider crafting a story. Storytelling is one of the best ways to connect a message to the hearts of the audience. There are many resources and courses available to help you develop your skills. Here is a Harvard Business Review article to give you an overview and get you started https://hbr.org/2003/06/storytelling-that-moves-people.  

Remember, you are way ahead of your audience in understanding your vision or change plan so share the journey you have been on, so that together you can share the most exciting part of the journey to build or change something together.