by | Sep 29, 2017

Resilience And Power

Jake and his team were overwhelmed, stressed to the max and concerned for their jobs.



Jake is a mid-level manager and leads a project management team for a large corporation. The executives of the firm are politically motivated and some of them, being close to retirement, are driven to leave behind an extraordinary legacy. The legacies are inevitably project driven, grandiose and very visible to the public and all stakeholders. The result for the project team became an over commitment to the amount of projects for the construction season, a lack of resources to supervise and execute.

Jake and his team were overwhelmed, stressed to the max and concerned for their jobs. Jake came consulted me to prepare for a crucial conversation with his boss regarding the situation. I coached him through the process of influence over some coaching sessions. During our first consultation, it became apparent he is in need working on his personal brand, body language and his power base. His work life was reduced to crisis management and challenging conversations upwards, sideways and to his team to inform about the status of the projects, why they are where they are and what the updated project status will be. The very wet summer we had, did not aid his plight.


Jake diligently worked through the frameworks and coaching tools with me. His progress was steady. After a few months he returned to me with a broad smile on his face. The new conversation tools and body language strategies he learnt made a pervasive difference in his job satisfaction. The conversation with the HR Director went very well. However, he found that people at work listened to him attentively, he was no longer interrupted and viewed as an expert. Jake gained new levels of respect from his peers and supervisors. His confidence and job satisfaction increased exponentially. In his voice: “Man this lower-voiced, calmer and assertive me is so much more fun!!!! Conflicts are easier to resolve, people don’t interrupt me anymore, I’m feeling empowered, and I feel better about the decisions I’m making.”

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