Total training hours


The base program cost per participant:

$14,850 + GST

Training includes

Training includes training material, assessments, unlimited email/text support in-between sessions. All training sessions will be offered in a facilitative format via an in-person meeting or webcast/zoom training sessions, supported with online learning.

Upon completion the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and present their capstone assignment to the leadership team.

The training program will focus on the core HPL Intensive topics, contextualized to the language and context of the company and its industry.

At the end of the program the executive team will have developed:

  • A strong and confident leadership presence to promote teamwork, seamless execution and a safe and respectful workplace.
  • The capacity to engage and mobilize in-house teams as well as teams of contractors within the desired culture of the organization.
  • Strong strategic and operational planning capacity, robust decision making and problem-solving skills and the aptitude for strategic management for continuous improvement.


Learning Plan Outline


  • Leadership disciplines, behaviour and habits.
  • The dance between leadership and management.
  • Develop confidence and a strong leadership presence.
  • Managing overwhelm and getting control of time.
  • Communicating clearly and powerfully.
  • Power and influence, your power base and building strong professional relationships.


  • Engage and mobilize employees, contractors and stakeholders.
  • Leadership, influence and the power of perception.
  • The art of delegation, accountability and performance management.
  • Having tough conversations & resolving conflict.
  • Creating structure, process and policies.
  • Managing and leading upwards.


  • Thinking strategically.
  • Strategic planning and execution.
  • Cascading your strategy.
  • The discipline of continuous strategic management and continuous improvement.


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