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Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.

~John F Kennedy

How often do you browse leadership articles, bookstores or blogs and make lists of books you will benefit from in the near future. My coaching clients regularly receive book suggestions and extracts from me to move them forward. They suggested that the learning should be expanded and now we have Leaders’ Espresso – a place where great minds meet to learn from a great book and each other.

Leaders’ Espresso brings:

  • A community of like-minded leaders learning and growing together.
  • A book a month with a suggested reading schedule.
  • Insights, and key questions to ponder on while you are reading.
  • Members’ networking and discussion page.
  • Live, facilitated group discussion.
  • Members’ only site with recordings of the webbing’s if you miss the discussion.
  • Authors participation and comments as often as we can incorporate it.

Leadership is a journey of continuous growth and personal development. Successful leaders are committed to staying abreast of new ideas and knowledge in their respective fields. They take part in regular discussions, develop relationships with peers, remain on top of industry news and research, and they read. They read regularly and constantly. This book club will support your journey and give you the opportunity to share with and learn from our discussions with members and authors on our monthly webinars.

How it works:

⇒ Become a member.

⇒ You purchase your own book every month, in your preferred format. 

⇒ You will receive regular emails with a recommended reading schedule, insights and thought-provoking questions.

⇒ You can join the monthly group coaching session where we will discuss our learning and how we can apply our insights, and from time to time, speak to the author at the same time.

⇒ And if work caught up to you and you have to miss the webinar, the recording will be saved for you in the member only area.

Monthly Subscription of $50

Annual Subscription of $500

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